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When Should a ‘Temp’ Become a Regular Employee?
August 12, 2019

I hired a number of employees to work on a short-term project for me. I classified them as “temporary” and therefore not eligible for benefits (other than paid sick leave). The project keeps getting extended ...

Using a California Non-REAL ID Driver License OK for the Form I-9
August 7, 2019

A new employee gave me a current California driver license. On the front of the license there is a notation “FEDERAL LIMITS APPLY.” Can I accept this driver license as an identity document for purposes of the...

IRS Lowers Employer Health Plans' 2020 Affordability Threshold
August 1, 2019

Employer-sponsored health coverage will satisfy the Affordable Care Act (ACA) affordability requirement in 2020 if the lowest-cost, self-only coverage option available to employees does not exceed 9.78 percent ...