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Labor Laws Apply When Your Intern Is Really an Employee

Jun 10, 2015

You just hired a bright, local high school or college student to intern at your company this summer. You need not be concerned with wage and hour, child labor or other laws because they only apply to employees, and your new addition is an intern—something entirely different. Right? Not necessarily. And if you are mistaken—if this student is more appropriately classified as an “employee” in the eyes of federal and state regulators—you may find yourself in violation of applicable tax, wage and hour, wage payment, immigration, workers’ compensation laws, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, and a host of other state and federal laws. But it gets worse: you may be subjected to intrusive audits and investigations, drawn into burdensome and expensive litigation, or face substantial civil fines and penalties, to name just a few perils you never may have considered. (Read More)

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